Take control of your safety sign up for Refuse To Be A Victim

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Take control of your safety and sign up for the
St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office ‘Refuse To Be A Victim’ lecture

We often get stuck in the mindset of bad things only happen to bad people, but sometimes bad things happen to good people, too. However, there are steps you can take to limit your chances of falling prey to misfortune.

One sure way to decrease the odds of becoming a victim is to attend the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office Refuse to be a Victim class.

Although St. Bernard Parish is one of the safest communities around the New Orleans metropolitan area, you could still find yourself the victim of a horrible random crime. In just a couple of hours though, the annual class, set for Wednesday, Nov. 13, will give participants the tools to be in the right mindset to limit their chances.

St. Bernard Parish residents looking for free expert advice on crime prevention measures for their home or business are encouraged to register.

The class will be presented by Capt. Charles Borchers, head of community relations and longtime Crime-Prevention and Neighborhood Watch director for the Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Eric Eilers, and Dep. Aaron Johnson, who also serves as the Sheriff’s Office chaplain. It will be held at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Sheriff’s Training Center, 2118 Jackson Blvd. in Chalmette.

“Refuse To Be A Victim” is a nationally recognized program founded in 1993.

To register, call Capt. Borchers at (504) 278-7628 or Sgt. Eilers at (504) 278-7799.