Drug Activity Hotline

    What is the address that you suspect drug activity?:

    Describe, in your own words, why you believe the suspicious activity is drug-related.:

    Have you smelled suspicious odors coming from the location? Describe the odor.:

    Does it appear there is an excessive amount of vehicle and or foot traffic coming and going from the residence?:

    Does the excessive amount of traffic coincide with any other activity at the location?:

    Do you know the name(s) of the residents?:

    Do you know any of the vehicle descriptions? Include a license plate if available.:

    Is there a certain time of the day that the activity increases?:

    Any Dogs At The Address?:


    Have you seen anyone with weapons:

    May we contact you?:


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    I understand the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Offices realizes the need for citizens
    to remain anonymous. Choosing to leave your name and telephone number is your choice.
    Leaving your name and telephone number does not mean your personal information will be released. Leaving your name and telephone number will assist us in any follow-up questions we may have.