St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office to participate in
Louisiana Highway Safety Commission ‘Buckle Up in Your Truck’ campaign

In an effort to promote driver safety, the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office will participate in the 2021 “Buckle Up In Your Truck” initiative, sponsored by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

According to the LHSC’s website, pick-up trucks comprise 25 percent of the vehicles driven in Louisiana, and are two times more likely to rollover than cars in fatal crashes. Males between 18 and 34 years old are most likely to be non-compliant with seat belt laws.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage seat belt usage in the hopes of reducing the number of fatalities caused to motorists who don’t buckle up, not just in pick-up trucks, but in all types of motor vehicles.

St. Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann is encouraging motorists to buckle up their seat belts or risk a citation because the Sheriff’s Office will have deputies on extra patrols throughout the parish in conjunction with the program which began on April 17 and runs through Saturday, April 24.

“One of the safest choices drivers or passengers can make is to buckle up their seat belts,” Sheriff Pohlmann said. “Otherwise, you’re risking serious injury or death. You may not see an accident coming, and, in just that moment, your life can be over because you didn’t do something as simple as buckle your seat belt.’’