Several members of the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office attended the Family Violence Program of St. Bernard’s fundraiser luncheon today (Oct. 5) at Docville Farm in Violet.

The mission of the Family Violence Program of St. Bernard is to empower all survivors of domestic violence, through strong programs that promote quality assurance and continuous growth, to live independent lives free from power and control by other individuals.

The program promotes motivation and support in a caring, non-judgmental, culturally-sensitive way that survivors of domestic violence can take responsibility for their own lives and develop a lifestyle free from violence.

By working to meet the immediate needs of safety, shelter, food, clothing and medical attention, the program encourages independence and self-sufficiency of every survivor to attain a lifestyle of their choosing. The program also strives to impact public policy and practices affecting battered and abused individuals.

Those from SBSO in attendance at today’s fundraiser included: Col. Chad Clark, commander of the Criminal Investigations Bureau and chief of detectives; Capt. Dennis Morgan, director of the St. Bernard Juvenile Detention Center and a Family Violence Program of St. Bernard board member; Capt. Adrian Chalona and Lt. Warren Chambon of the Corrections Division at St. Bernard Parish Prison; Lt. Jennifer Gutierrez of the Criminal Investigations Bureau; Dep. Aaron Johnson, SBSO chaplain; and Public Information Officer Kim Gritter.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, call the Family Violence Program of St. Bernard at (504) 277-3177 or email [email protected] for assistance.