Earlier today, St. Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann attended a Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans press conference which can be watched in its entirety in the link below in the comments. (Look for Sheriff Pohlmann at about 16:00 in the video.)

Crimestoppers made several announcements today with local law enforcement partners from the 9-parish area they serve, along with the ATF ASAC Timothy Carroll, N.O. Criminal Justice Commissioner Tenisha Stevens, N.O. DA Jason Williams, N.O. City Councilmember Eugene Green and others.

All involved hope these additional resources announced today will assist with the violent crimes being committed in the Greater Metropolitan area.

Crimestoppers announced today a new Crime Gun Reward. To be clear, this is not a gun buyback program.

The crime gun reward will be available when a tipster matches the following actions:

The tipster must give the name and crime committed (as in all Crimestoppers tips). When they add the information about where a gun which was used in a crime can be found, Crimestoppers will add $1,000 to their existing reward once the gun has been located and matches.

If during the ballistics testing, the gun matches to other crimes, tipsters could also receive an additional $200 per crime the gun is matched to, up to a maximum of $2,000.

If all steps were met under this new program, tipsters could gain a reward of up to $5,500 (assuming let’s say the gun matched to 10 other crimes).

Crimestoppers said the reward is being announced now for the summer season. It is their hope that this will bring forward new tipsters/callers and law enforcement will gather much needed criminal intelligence against recent and any future shootings.

Crimestoppers also presented their new homicide/crime scene barriers which include the Crimestoppers message and QR code to report anonymously and speak out against this violence to each agency.

Crimestoppers hopes having the new crime scene barriers available will help lessen the traumatic visual effects that neighbors and family members experience after a violent crime. The gift of crime scene barriers was made possible by both an anonymous donor to Crimestoppers and funds raised by the Crimestoppers organization.