Register Your Cameras

Call (504) 278-7628 to register.

Sheriff James Pohlmann is asking residents and business owners to help in “our fight against crime’’ by registering their outdoor surveillance system in a sheriff’s database, making it easier for police to quickly see video after a major incident to identify suspects.

Call Capt. Charles Borchers at (504) 278-7628 to register your surveillance system with the Sheriff’s Office.

“We want to create a secured database that contains residential and commercial addresses and contact information of residences and businesses.’’

“This would allow officers investigating a crime such as violence, a burglary or a car or boat theft to immediately locate the nearest surveillance systems in the area,” Sheriff Pohlmann said.

“It would provide the Sheriff’s Office with yet another tool to help keep St. Bernard Parish a safe place to live and work.’’

The Sheriff’s Office isn’t asking for access to anyone’s home or business, just to see whatever video your system may have captured of a crime in your immediate area.

A copy of video from a certain time period would be good enough.

“It would be done with as little intrusion to residents or business owners as possible,” said Sheriff Pohlmann.

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