Two burglaries solved: three teen boys arrested in burglary and vandalism of Val Riess Park multi-purpose building; Man arrested in residential break-in

Posted: September 26th, 2014 | Filed under: News Releases

Titled Burglaryarrest: Lester Cure, booked with simp;le burglary in Chalmette

Titled Burglaryarrest: Lester Cure, booked with simp;le burglary in Chalmette

Two 13-year-old boys and a 14-year-old were arrested for burglarizing and vandalizing the Val Riess Park multi-purpose building in Chalmette on Sunday, Sept. 21 and separately a man was booked after breaking into a Chalmette residence, then reporting the burglary himself in an attempt to throw off investigating sheriff’s deputies, Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

The boys, all of whom live in Chalmette, were arrested the night of Sept. 22 and property taken in the burglary, including candy and drinks, was recovered at their homes, the sheriff said.

They were placed in the parish Juvenile Detention Center and two of them have been bonded out while one remains there, the sheriff said. The names of juveniles arrested aren’t released.

The building, in the park at 1101 E. Magistrate St., Chalmette, was vandalized by the three, including damage to the drop-down ceiling in the kitchen. Baseball bats and baseballs found on the floor appeared to have been thrown through the ceiling.

Also, a golf cart was driven over tables and metal reception dividers in the main hall, damaging them.

Information was developed on suspects the day the burglary was discovered and the arrests followed that night.

Separately, a Slidell man who reported a residential burglary on Volpe Drive in Chalmette on Sept. 17 and even claimed to have followed a man and woman he said fled in a vehicle, was later booked with the burglary himself, Sheriff Pohlmann said.

Lester Cure, 32, was arrested Sept. 17 on a simple burglary count and has been released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

Cure reported he was on the street and saw a man come over a fence from the house involved and flee in a vehicle driven by a woman. He said he followed them in a car until he lost sight of them.

But another witness identified Cure as a man she saw outside the burglarized house but said he was wearing a different shirt at the time and was carrying a screw driver in a pocket. There were pry marks on the back door of the house broken into.

After further investigation, which included deputies finding a shirt in a yard matching the description of the one the witness said Cure had been wearing, he was arrested.