Stars and Stripes fly again at Sheriff’s Office building behind Courthouse

Posted: October 24th, 2013 | Filed under: Announcements, SBSO News
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The Stars and Stripes are flying again at the Sheriff’s Office annex building on Pakenham Drive beind the Parish Courthouse in Chalmette.

A new 30-foot pole was installed and the American flag was raised in a ceremony Thursday for employees, led by Sheriff James Pohlmann.

“It was before Hurricane Katrina that the flag was last flown here,” Sheriff Pohlmann said. “Now we can show our patriotism.”

The sheriff’s annex building that was destroyed in the hurricane was rebuilt and opened about two years ago and now another flag pole has been put up to fly the flag.

The sheriff thanked veteran Maj. Nick Cuccia for getting a flag flying again at one corner of the building.

Shown, employees gathered around the flag pole, then Col. John Doran raised the flag as others looked up to watch. Afterward, Sheriff Pohlmann looks up to view the newly installed flag. Last, the flag, with a brass ball atop its pole. is shown through a window on the top floor of the sheriff’s annex building.