St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office stresses zero tolerance policy after booking several students with terrorizing

Posted: March 7th, 2018 | Filed under: News Releases

St. Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann is stressing a zero tolerance policy after arresting several students, ranging from elementary to high school age, for making perceived threats to St. Bernard Parish schools and/or students.

“We want the public to know we do not take these types of acts lightly, and will take every potential threat seriously, no matter how small,” Sheriff Pohlmann said. “We have no tolerance for individuals who threaten the safety of our students and our community.”

Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Bureau booked several students with terrorizing following several unrelated incidents that occured in a little over one week’s time, between Feb. 23 and March 5.

Sheriff Pohlmann wants to ensure the public that all of these threats were thoroughly investigated with cooperation from Superintendent Doris Voitier and the St. Bernard Parish School Board, and no one was harmed in any of the instances.

However, the Sheriff said, these incidents caused a sense of worry among students for their safety and wellbeing, and also made parents leery about sending their children to school, which will not be tolerated.

“Any and all threats of this nature will be investigated and the offenders will be prosecuted if deemed necessary,” the Sheriff said.

Sheriff Pohlmann urges parents to talk with their children about the severity of such threats, and what consequences can come from making them. Even comments made in a joking manner are not acceptable and will be taken seriously, he said.

The Sheriff also reminds both adults and children of the “see something, say something” rule.

“If you witness someone saying something in a threatening manner about another individual or a student body as a whole, we encourage you to report it to school administrators and to the Sheriff’s Office so we can investigate,” the Sheriff said. “No matter how small, we need to check out all instances such as these to ensure the safety of our students, faculty members and the general public.”

Anyone with information regarding any such incidents can contact the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office at (504) 271-2501.