St. Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann reminds residents it’s free ride home program runs through Jan. 2 to discourage impaired driving; Call 271-2501

Posted: December 29th, 2015 | Filed under: SBSO News

St. Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann reminds residents the Sheriff’s Office holiday free ride home program – the oldest in the New Orleans area going back to 1984 – is in effect through Jan. 2.

Sheriff Pohlmann says the goal is to discourage impaired driving.

“Just call us at (504) 271-2501 and you can get a free ride home, no questions asked,” Sheriff Pohlmann said. “We don’t want to arrest you for DWI or see you injure yourself or someone else in an accident .”

To date this year we have had 14 people call the Sheriff’s Office for this helpful ride home, the sheriff said. Last year, Sheriff Pohlmann said, “we ended up with 24 people using the program by Jan 2, which we believe was the most ever for us.”

Anyone living in St. Bernard would receive a ride home, but not to another bar or party, Sheriff Pohlmann said .

Those in the parish but who live elsewhere can be taken to one of several police stations in the parish where they can make arrangements for someone to pick them up, the sheriff said.

“Do yourself a favor. Please accept our offer of a ride home instead of driving if you are impaired,” Sheriff Pohlmann said.