St. Bernard narcotics investigation leads to pursuit into N.O.

Posted: January 25th, 2016 | Filed under: SBSO News

Chaz Davis, suspect in pursuit.

Chaz Davis, suspect in pursuit.

Chaz Davis, suspect in pursuit.[/caption]St. Bernard narcotics investigation leads to pursuit into Orleans

A St. Bernard Parish narcotics investigation led to a car pursuit of a subject into New Orleans on Monday night after the man fled from outside a residence in Arabi, Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

The wanted suspect struck the Claiborne Avenue Bridge and another vehicle in traffic before his car became disabled and stopped at Claiborne near Franklin Avenue, where the man – who was alone – fled on foot but was captured by a St. Bernard Parish sheriff ‘s deputy who had given chase, Sheriff Pohlmann said.

The officer,,whose name wasn’t released, suffered a leg injury and lacerations in the pursuit on foot and struggle in which the suspect was arrested. He was taken to University Hospital.

A portion of Claiborne Avenue was closed by New Orleans Police because of the incident which began about 7:20 p.m.

The suspect, identified as Chaz Davis, 26, who was living in Arabi, was not injured, authorities said. He was wanted on a warrant alleging marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He will be booked on additional charges resulting from his fleeing after being spotted in Arabi.

Davis was seen on a street in Arabi where he and his girlfriend live, the sheriff said.

Davis fled in a vehicle, striking an officer who tried to stop him, but didn’t injure the deputy.