Schools have started and Sheriff Pohlmann asks drivers to think safety: Obey school zone speed limits, watch for students near schools and buses picking up or unloading; Buckle up kids in proper type seats

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Filed under: Announcements, News Releases, Tips & Resources

sbso-08-14-13St. Bernard Parish schools started Tuesday, Aug. 13, and Sheriff James Pohlmann is reminding drivers to think safety, including, obeying school zone speed limits in the mornings and afternoons.’

“Besides speed limits, watch for students walking in the areas near schools and remember to buckle up your kids in proper seating for their age when driving them to or from school.’’ Sheriff Pohlmann said.

Be prepared for school buses to stop to pick up or unload students. Also, the Sheriff’s Office is having extra patrols by deputies in school areas the first week.

“It is so important for drivers to be aware of school zones, children walking to or from school and school buses stopping to pick up or drop off kids,’’ Sheriff Pohlmann said. “You don’t want to have a mental lapse and make a mistake you would regret forever.”

Most school zone speed limits are 20 MPH, Sheriff Pohlmann said, and drivers who know where schools are located should start slowing down well before they reach a school zone.

Also, remember to buckle children in seats appropriate for their ages, the sheriff said.

“The back seat is the safest place for young kids,’’ he said, citing statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which says children up to age 12 are safest riding in the back seat, buckled in place. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death of children 5-15 years of age.

Young children should be in rear-facing back seats. Never place a rear-facing infant seat on the front passenger seat because they could be killed if the airbag deploys and hits the child.

For full child passenger safety information, including where to find safety seat inspection stations, go online to to learn more.