No evacuation ordered in St. Bernard Parish; WWL-TV web site incorrectly reported residents asked to leave an area

Posted: August 31st, 2012 | Filed under: Announcements, News Releases

Sheriff James Pohlmann said there is no evacuation ordered in St. Bernard Parish, which was incorrectly reported by the WWL-TV web site on Friday afternoon.

The web site said St. Bernard residents were being evacuated east of Braithwaite, which is in Plaquemines Parish, because of a leaking chlorine tank.

Neither the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office or parish government had ordered an evacuation of any type in St. Bernard on Friday, Sheriff Pohlmann said.

St. Bernard Fire Chief Thomas Stone said there is no chlorine leak.

St. Bernard residents evacuated due to leaking chlorine tank

St. Bernard Parish evacuating residents and media in a half mile radius along Highway 39 east of Braithwaite after a leaking chlorine tank was found floating in the Mississippi River.

Officials describe it as a 1200 pound chlorine tank which they have secured to a fence so it is no longer floating free. Hazmat teams just arrived to assess the danger. The tank is near the roadblock on hwy 39 on the east side of Braithwaite and west of St Bernard Park.