Meraux Foundation team wins annual Rotary Club Community Spelling Bee held at Chalmette High; Sheriff’s Office team finishes fourth

Posted: February 19th, 2016 | Filed under: SBSO News
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Things were certainly buzzing at the Rotary Club’s annual St. Bernard Community Spelling Bee held at Chalmette High.

A bee theme was everywhere at the Feb. 18 event, including balloons with designs of bees at each table of the 23 teams made up of parish businesses, government agencies and other groups fielding teams.

There was even a Chalmette High student dressed in yellow and black who brought the microphone to each three-member team as they were given a word to spell.

After numerous rounds, a team sponsored by the Meraux Foundation and represented by Chris Haines, Bill Haines and Samantha Haines claimed the winning trophy.

A team representing the Sheriff’s Office finished fourth. Its members were Maj. David DiMaggio, head of training for the department; Lt. Dennis Morgan of the Corrections Division; and Dep. Sheriff Brad Alfonso of the Patrol Division.

Shown are all the teams at tables, the Sheriff’s Office team and the winning Meraux Foundation team with its trophy.

The Sheriff’s Office team, shown sitting at a table about to spell a word they were given, are, from left, Maj. David DiMaggio, Lt. Dennis Morgan and Dep. Sheriff Brad Alfonso.
The winning Meraux team, standing from left, are Bill Haines, Samantha Haines, Rita Gue of the Meraux Foundation who is holding the trophy; and Chris Haines.