Juvenile male arrested in five auto burglaries; Separately, two-teenagers arrested for house burglary; Four adults booked with theft of metal

Posted: April 22nd, 2013 | Filed under: News Releases

Teen-agers were arrested in seven recent burglaries and thefts in Chalmette – a 14-year-old boy burglarized five vehicles while out on bond from a previous break-in arrest and, separately, 18-year-old and 16-year-old males were arrested together for a house burglary and theft from a vehicle, Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

The 14-year-old was arrested April 18 for five burglaries of vehicles and has been placed in the Juvenile Detention Center.

The boy, whose name can’t be released because he is a minor, had been out on bond at the time of his arrest from an earlier incident in which he was booked with burglary of a vehicle.

As is most often the case with vehicle break-ins in St. Bernard, the owners had left them unlocked.

Sheriff Pohlmann reminds residents there would be a much lesser chance of a vehicle being broken into or stolen if they were locked when parked.

In the house burglary arrest, Alec St. Germain, 18, 2036 Brigade, Chalmette, was booked April 17 with burglary of an inhabited dwelling and with contributing to the delinquency of a 16-year-old Chalmette boy arrested with him on the house burglary count, Sheriff Pohlmann said.

The name of the other teen-ager, also booked with burglary, wasn’t released because he is a minor.

Game consoles were stolen from a residence and four games that were among items stolen were recovered at the 16-yerar-old’s home, the sheriff said.

Later, when St. Germain and the teen-ager were arrested for burglary, two GPS systems suspected to have been stolen from a car were recovered in the minor’s back pack, along with a receipt from a pawn shop indicating St. Germain had pawned two game consoles there.

Long with the other chargesmof theft and possession of stolen property were filed against St. Germain over the recovered GPS systems, the sheriff said.

St. Germain was placed in Parish Prison, being held in lieu of a total bond of $31,000.

The 16-year was placed in the Juvenile Detention Cetner.

In an unrelated arrest, two men and two women were booked April 10 with theft and criminal trespassing when they were caught loading $250 worth of scrap metal outside a business on Jean Lafitte Parkway into a pickup truck. the sheriff said.

Arrested were Steve Crappel, 31, and Jessica Stoddard, 28, both of 3436 Rose Ave., Chalmette; Ricky Fayard Jr., 38, 2213 Kingfisher Dr. in the Poydras area; and Brandi Sander, 30, 2905 Volpe Drive, Chalmette.

A witness who worked in a business on Jean Lafitte told sheriff’s deputies one of the women came into the business and asked if they could have scrap metal that was outside and he said he told the four of them no they couldn’t. Despite the denial, they were seen by a deputy when they had the scrap metal and other items in the truck.

There was no bond information.