Chalona Dr. 62R

Posted: August 27th, 2015 | Filed under: News Releases

Cortez Hills B/M 11/05/1994

Cortez Hills B/M 11/05/1994

On August 26, 2015, the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to 3016 Chalona Drive, in reference to a Residential Burglary. The victim advised someone made forced entry breaking his rear glass door and that two guns, specifically an AR-15 and a Smith and Wesson .45 Caliber Handgun, were stolen from his residence.

Upon members of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office arriving at 3016 Chalona Drive, detectives observed a rake in the backyard of the victim’s residence, a trail through the grass in the backyard of the victim’s residence leading to the fence and a broken wooden fence board that separates the victim’s property line and the property line of 3012 Chalona Drive. The victim advised detectives that the rake that was located in his backyard, which was believed to be used to make entry into the residence through the glass door, did not belong to him. Detectives observed Cortez Hills, who resides at 3012 Chalona Drive, cutting the grass in the front yard of and asked Cortez Hills if he observed anyone around the neighborhood or residence that was acting suspicious. Cortez Hills advised detectives that his acquaintance, identified as Troy, dropped him off at his residence shortly before the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office arrived at 3016 Chalona Drive. Detectives contacted Troy, and requested that he return to the scene. Upon Troy’s arrival back at the scene, Troy informed detectives that he did not drop Cortez Hills off at his residence today. Cortez Hills identified the rake that was located in the backyard of 3016 Chalona Drive, as a rake that belongs to him, but could not explain why the rake was in the backyard of 3016 Chalona Drive. Detectives reviewed cameras that were located at 3004 Chalona Drive and determined that the information received from Cortez Hills was not consistent with the video footage.

It should be noted at this injunction of the investigation Cortez Hills was under arrest for outstanding warrants.

Based upon the above mentioned facts, Lt. Gutierrez prepared a search warrant for 3012 Chalona Drive in attempt to locate the stolen guns, specifically an AR-15 and Smith and Wesson 45 Caliber Handgun.

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, at 1:30 P.M. Honorable Judge Kirk Vaughn of the 34th Judicial District reviewed the above stated facts and signed a search warrant for the above stated address.

At this time Sergeant Ryan Melerine, Captain Mark Jackson, and Lieutenant Al Clavin entered the residence in attempt to locate the stolen items. Shortly after Sergeant Melerine located a black AR-15, Smith & Wesson pistol, (2) pistol magazines, and (1) Apple iPad black in color in the attic placed near the attic door. Lieutenant Clavin then photographed the above stated items and processed them for crime scene purposes.

At this time Sergeant Melerine advised Cortez Hill he was under arrest for Simple Burglary, Simple Criminal Damage Over $500.00, Possession of Stolen Property Over $500.00, and Possession of Stolen Firearms.

Cortez was then transported to the St. Bernard Parish Prison by Deputy Brian Canepa to be formally booked for the above stated charges.