Arabi man’s 22 year-sentence for conviction involving 9 ounces of crack cocaine worth $26,000 is one of parish’s longest terms for crack

Posted: February 7th, 2013 | Filed under: News Releases
Kiyon Jefferson, 37, convicted of possession with intent to distribute 9 ounces of crack cocaine

Kiyon Jefferson, 37, convicted of possession with intent to distribute 9
ounces of crack cocaine

An Arabi man was sentenced to 22 years in prison on Wednesday, Feb. 6, after a trial in which he was convicted of possession of nine ounces of crack cocaine worth $26,000 with intent to distribute.

It was one of the longest prison terms ever given in St. Bernard Parish involving crack cocaine, Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

Kiyon Jefferson, 37, who lived at 104 Livingston Ave. before his arrest in April 2011, was sentenced by state District Judge Manny Fernandez, who found him guilty after a one-day trial in January in which Jefferson had waived his right to a jury. The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Greg Noto.

Jefferson had a lengthy arrest record but had one prior felony conviction involving cocaine.

At that time, the 9 ounces of crack found in Jefferson’s home was the largest seizure of crack cocaine in St. Bernard in more than two years.

Agents of the sheriff’s Special Investigations Division, commanded by Maj. Chad Clark, searched the home after a judge issued a warrant based on allegations of drug activity. Agents Jason Saltalmachia and Tommy Duplessis found the cocaine in several bags, along with some marijuana and case, a scale and plastic bags for selling the drugs and ingredients for making crack cocaine, the sheriff said.

Jefferson was booked into St. Bernard Parish Prison and remained there in lieu of bond since his arrest.

Anyone who suspects drug activity in St. Bernard Parish should contact the Sheriff’s Office by either calling, e-mailing or text messaging. The drug hotline is (504) 271-DOPE or e-mail to Also, text messages can be sent to the Sheriff’s Office at 274637, with the word CRIMES in parentheses after the number. For instance, 274637 (CRIMES) and in the subject box it should say SBSOTIPS.