14 sheriff’s deputies pass 90-hour Corrections course in Peace Officers Standards and Training; one part required being pepper-sprayed to deal with its effects

Posted: February 18th, 2014 | Filed under: Awards & Honors, News Releases, SBSO News
peppersprayandcommandpost-003 peppersprayandcommandpost-011

peppersprayandcommandpost-006 Fourteen St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s deputies recently graduated a 90-hour Corrections Division course in Peace Officers Standards and Training, or P.O.S.T., dealing with working in a prison environment or Juvenile Detention Center.

The course dealt with several facets of the job, with one part requiring the officers to be pepper-sprayed to deal with its effects in order to be certified in its use. They had to subdue a suspect after being sprayed.

Shown are members of the class including deputies, back row from left: Sgt. Dennis Morgan (instructor), Frank Auderer III, Dixie Dusang, Matthew White, Joseph Bowen, James Manint, Joshua Correa. Middle row: William Hery, Matthew Spencer, Andrew Mowers, Gaye Mladenoff, Richard Scheuermann, Leo Perez, Cpl. Brandon Lewis (instructor). Kneeling: Melanie Breaux, Vaughn Charrier.

Shown dealing with the effects of pepper spray are:

Dep. James Manint, standing on the right – his face and eyes red from the spray – attacks a bag held by Corrections Dep. Robert Mire.

Also, Dep. Leo Perez, also showing the redness from the spray, tackles and handcuffs a suspect portrayed by Corrections Dep. Jason Topey.

Also, Dep. Melanie Breaux, who had finished subduing a suspect after being peeper-sprayed, gets some fresh air from a fan.