Records Division  



Pete Tufaro


Records Division Responsibilities

The Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office maintains day-to-day operations of all records of criminal activity in St. Bernard Parish. The department also issues copies of police reports requested by the public and handles background investigations of potential sheriff’s employees and private industry requests for background checks on prospective employees.

Colonel Pete Tufaro, a native of St. Bernard Parish who has been with the Sheriff’s Office 14 years after a career in private business, commands the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Department Records Division. A member of the SWAT team, Tufaro also provides technical service for the Sheriff’s Office relative to video, audio and tracking of criminal activity in the Parish. Colonel Tufaro is also the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association appointee to the Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Board, holding the position of Co-chairman for 2010.

Lieutenant Antoinette Padilla, a resident of St. Bernard Parish for the past 33 years oversees the day to day operations of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Department Records Division. She is responsible for the following duties:

• Maintaining control of all arrest records
• Dispensing of Police Reports
• Entering Outstanding Warrants
• Preparation of arrest information for St. Bernard Parish District Attorney
• Certification of Criminal Background Investigation
• Disseminate Traffic citations
• Execute orders of Expungement and Subpoena Duces Tecum




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